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Event Sponsors ...

Thank you for supporting BINGO these past two months at the Senior Center:

* Aspen Ridge

*Eagle Ridge

*Heartland Healthcare

* Heritage Manor  

Thank you for supporting the Birthday Cake Celebration these past two months at the Senior Center:

* Heartland Healthcare

*Walker Funeral Home

* * * * * *

Ice Cream!  You Scream! We All have enjoyed the Ice Cream! 

Ice Cream!  We have all enjoyed the ice cream!  a shout out of thanks goes to Bob Rollinger and his sister Marilou Echert for delivering ice cream from Prairie Farms for years!  So many have enjoyed this service and Rob and Marilou have made it possible.  A BIG ice cream shout goes out to Prairie Farms for all the ice cream the seniors have enjoyed over the years!  It has been WONDERFUL!  Other thanks go out to Northeast Community Fund for now delivering the ice cream from Prairie Farms!


We couldn't do it without our sponsors...

Thank You Decatur Young Park Singers!

Our annual Christmas Party was a huge success!  Everyone enjoyed food from Effingham IGA and a singing presentation by the Decatur Young Park Singers!  A Shout Out of Thanks to Wayne Carey, Mason Eaton, Valdez Honorable, Madeline Morthland, Jesek West, Emma Taylor, Austin Durflinger, Jordan Villanueva and Megan Mooney from the Park District for organizing the event!

We also thank Devon Moretti, Marsha Mower, Malone Moretti, and Maureen Ruski for helping serve at the Christmas Party!  A Big Shout out of Thanks also goes out to Sue Sherer, running for State Representative of the 96th District who also helped serve at the Christmas Party!

They have graciously agreed to come back to sing and perform for us for our Fourth of July Party!  Stay tuned for more details!


Thank you goes out to the Decatur Underground Theater who performed for us in February! 

Kimberly Knaus, Victoria Juan, Josh Waddell, James Juan and Melissa Kitchen sang songs from musicals for the Senior Center to enjoy! We Thank them for their wonderful music!

The DUT - Decatur Underground Theater is going to be performing again at the Senior Center at the Valentine's Day Party, February 9th at 11am!  So call for your reservation to a special Italian Valentine's lunch with a special presentation by the DUT!  429-1239

If you are interested in other events the Decatur Underground Theater is presenting just visit their webpage www.DecaturUnderground.com for more information!